The Institute of Economics belongs to the Vietnam National Centre for Social Sciences and Humanities. Founded on February 6, 1960, the Institute is under the management arm of the State of Vietnam. It is assigned to do research on fundamental theoretical and practical problems in Vietnam's economy and to contribute to providing a scientific basis for making policies and drawing up plans on economic development for the State, and also for sharing in the promotion of economic science in Vietnam.

At present, the Institute of Economics boasts nearly 70 officials one third of whom hold Ph D and MA degrees.
The Institute's organizational structure is composed of

- The Managing Body of the Institute;
- The Scientific Council, which acts as a consultative organ for the Institute Leadership in the scientific domain;
- The Council of Chiefs and Deputies of Departments, which acts as a consultative organ for the Institute Leadership in the domain of management;
- Research Departments, organized in conformity with the main research topics of concern to the state and society:
+ Department of Economic Theories
+ Department of Development Studies
+ Department of Macro-Economic Policies
+ Department of Regional Economy
+ Department of Agricultural and Rural Development
+ Department of Vietnam's External Economic Relations
+ Department of Economic History
- The units devoted to the service of research work are composed of:
+ Post-graduate Training Unit
+ Unit of Relations with Foreign Scholars
+ Unit of Information, Documentation. and Library
+ Unit of Data Processing
+ Administration Bureau The Institute publishes two reviews
- "Nghien cuu kinh te" (Economic Studies Review) published bi-monthly in Vietnamese
- "Vietnam's Socio-Economic Development" published quarterly in English

In coming years, the Institute will focus its activities on the summing-up of Vietnam's economic reform, structural changes in the economy, development of key economic sectors and regions, renovation of mechanism for economic management, development of the agricultural economy and rural areas, industrialization and modernization, and Vietnam's integration into the world economy.

The Institute is capable of doing studies provided by state organs, international development research organizations, higher education establishments, and foreign scholars on problems related to Vietnam's economy. The Institute can also organize scientific symposiums and Y^workshops at national and international levels.

Address for contact:

Vien kinh te hoc
Institute of Economics
27 Tran Xuan Soan St,
Hanoi , Vietnam.
Tel: 84-4-261 633
Fax: 84-4-261 632

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